Sortir d’une mauvaise relation avec « No going back » de Yuno’s, le visionnaire de la Indie Pop

Quoi de mieux que la musique pour nous aider à réfléchir sur le statut de nos rapports avec les autres. Yuno’s nous incite à ne surtout pas revenir lorsque nous réussissons à sortir d’une mauvaise relation. Un article de Nathan Leigh, dans version originale anglaise pour Afropunk.

Yuno’s been steadily releasing music on his own for years, and on his first for legendary indie label Sub Pop, it’s clear what they got their attention. This is one of those effortless indie pop cuts destined to stick in your brain for weeks. Balancing just enough drive and just enough space to keep it simultaneously anchored and floating, this is like a cold drink in a hot air balloon tethered 8 ft off the ground. (That’s not a thing I’ve ever experienced, but it sounds like it’d be pretty rad. On second thought, I have a slight fear of heights though, so it might actually be horrible? Whatever. The song rules.) It’s also a bittersweet anthem about moving on; that moment of realizing that the future, whatever it holds, has to be brighter than the past.

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